The Amazing Adventures of Josie and Seb

July 1, 2009


Filed under: apartment, girls in the world, moving, triumph! — Cate @ 6:33 pm

Well, we found an apartment – and what a relief to know that we have a place to live! After months of checking Craigslist obessively, making countless phone calls, canvassing the city with emails, begging all my friends for their landlord’s contact information, looking at scary and shitty and too-nice-for-us-to-afford apartments…we have a home!

Even better, it’s a cheap fixer-upper that we can play with as much as we want. We’re already planning to tear up carpets and paint and put down a new kitchen floor. An adventure in more ways than one!

So Joe, Josie, Seb and I will be moving to Highland Park in the next couple weeks. Well, Josie and I will be – Joe and Seb still have to get their butts back to Pittsburgh from the west coast. In time we will all be reunited, or introduced for the first time in Josie and Seb’s case.

But I’m not worried. Though Josie has suffered a bit living with my roommate’s Puggle puppy, in her previous home I’m told she liked the neighborhood dogs and wasn’t scared. Plus Seb, according to Joe, likes cats. And a mature Lab is a far cry from a young, mouthy Puggle. Plus my girl’s tough! She can take it!

Mostly I’m excited. Looking forward to the move and the new place and taking this Next Big Step…


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