The Amazing Adventures of Josie and Seb

July 13, 2009

A Brief Update…

Filed under: human training, moving — Cate @ 10:39 am

So things continue to progress – or not really, depending how you look at it. It comes in waves, I suppose.

I’ve gotten a lot of packing done (most of the non-essentials are boxed up and ready to go), but there’s still plenty to do. We don’t have a move-in date yet which distresses me a bit. I had hoped to start the moving-in process this week or this weekend and have everything done by next week. I’m hoping a call to the landlord this afternoon will fix that. Fingers crossed.

Josie is doing her part to help me pack…and by that I mean she’s sabotaging me at every turn. I found a bunch of kitty toys tucked into a closet last week and took them up to my room to pack away. Well, Miss Josie found them. And no matter where I try to hide them, she finds them and drags them out and leaves them all around the house. And then the puppy gets them and chews them into nasty little faux-mouse carcasses. And then I have to throw them away.

The other day I sat her down to have a serious talk about this behavior. I said, “Josephine,” (very sternly, to communicate my frustration) “if you continue to leave your nice things out where Puppy can get them, you won’t have any nice things left.”

She sort of looked at me sideways, as if to say, “mrar…if you would pick them up faster, Puppy wouldn’t get to them.”

As usual, she’s right. If only I were better trained!

She continued, flopping onto her back, “Anyway, what do I care? Pet my belly.”

And I did. I suppose I’m not a totally hopeless case afterall.


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