The Amazing Adventures of Josie and Seb

July 23, 2009

Some freaking results!

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I am very pleased to report that I’ve finished the carpet project in two out of three rooms. (And it would have been three of three, but I ran out of the papers towels I was using to scrub up padding. It seemed like the universe saying, “Cate, go home,” so I did.) For those of you keeping score at home, that means the bedroom and living room/entry hall are both finished, free of carpet and stuck-on, centuries-old padding. There’s still tack strips to contend with, but whatever. Victory is victory.

The bad news is that the wood floors underneath are in far worse condition than I’d hoped. The wood itself doesn’t seem rotted or weak (thank goodness), but it’s pretty stained. Very disgusting. Years and years and years of crap sinking through the carpets and sitting on those lovely floors. There’s an especially nasty circle of filth in the living room.



stupid nasty stains :(

stupid nasty stains :(

ughhhh death stain

ughhhh death stain

This is going to sound silly (it is silly), but tearing up all those carpets and putting in all that work just to find those nasty floors underneath feels a little like a personal failure. Oh, sure, I know I didn’t damage the floors and their grossness isn’t a result of anything I did, but I was hoping this whole adventure would end in beautiful flooring. And it didn’t. And that stinks.

Since we don’t own this apartment and there’s no reason to put our money and effort into the place as though we did own it, Joe and I obviously won’t be paying to truly fix up the floors. But we’re not without options. Area rugs can be nice. Or we could paint. Or stain – Joe suggested maybe an ebony stain, which I think sounds nice. Something different. So we’ll see.

When I got back to the house, Josie gave me a stern talking-to. I tried to explain that even though I’m not with her I really am doing all of this for her, but she didn’t want to hear it.

less talking, more petting

less talking, more petting

So instead I let her lecture me and then she settled on my lap and kneaded me with her claws until she felt I was properly chastised. Then we watched another True Blood episode (I really am addicted to that goofy show) and then we called Joe to tell him about our days and she drowned me out with all her mrrrrarrrring. Oh, Josie.

seriously. shut up.

seriously. shut up.


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