The Amazing Adventures of Josie and Seb

July 29, 2009

Kitties and plants strain towards the sunlight…

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Sometimes at work I have to cover the front desk – field calls, handle appointments, direct deliveries to their destinations, etc. I consider it one of the most stressful elements of my job, because there’s so many opportunities to screw up and so much to juggle.

Anyway. Yesterday I was covering the front and one of the delivery guys showed up with a big dolly of boxes. Some for my office, some for other offices in the building. One was a 1800Flowers box and he asked me if the person was in my office or another.

The name on the box? Mine.

Apparently my darling Joe felt guilty for not being in town to help me move – which is unnecessary but sweet – and sent me flowers to make up for it. Roses, to be precise. 27 of them (my boss counted). They are lovely. And smell wonderful. And I’ve been getting lots of compliments, both on the flowers and how sweet my boyfriend is (as if I didn’t know!).

hello lovely :)

hello lovely :)

hello! hello!

hello! hello!

The crappy pictures don’t do the colors justice. And they’ve opened up a bit more since I took those. Really, just gorgeous. Oh, boyfriend. You done good.

When I got home there was another nice surprise waiting for me – a box of goodies for the fundraiser I’m organizing (which is THIS SATURDAY already). It was like Christmas in July. I dug through it and got very excited and Josie came over to help/supervise.

not amused.

not amused.

As anticipated, she loves the kitchen window. It looks out over the backyard and a bunch of trees where birds gather. She can see all the goings-on. Last night some people were grilling and she watched them for a long time.

the great, great outdoors

the great, great outdoors

what's that over there?

what's that over there?

josie is disturbed by the lack of petting

josie is disturbed by the lack of petting

She’s settling in, I think. Still absolutely obnoxious in the morning, but it’s understandable. She must be bored out of her mind, alone all day and ignored all night. Poor Josie. Pooooooooor Josie.


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