The Amazing Adventures of Josie and Seb

August 3, 2009

The Case of the Grey-Striped Cat

Filed under: human training — Cate @ 3:15 pm

Today began very oddly. First: my alarm didn’t go off, which ended up not being an issue because I was awake well in time anyway. Second, and more disturbingly: Josie didn’t crawl on my face at 5am. I woke up feely a little detached from reality, wondering if I wasn’t dreaming myself waking up. It seemed real enough. But where was Josie?

I called out, “Josie?” Nothing. She wasn’t sitting in front of the bedroom window or on the rug next to my bed or in my closet (her new favorite place). I started to get a little anxious.

I walked all through to apartment calling her. Nothing. No little meows, no grumbly purring, no thuds as she jumped to the floor from whatever perch. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

For a loud cat like Miss Jos, that’s cause for concern. I checked all her usual spots: the kitchen, the bath tub, her litter box. I even checked behind the couch in case she got stuck back there again. No kitty.

What’s a girl to do? Call off work to find my missing cat? Take to bed in a swoon?

I decided to retrace my steps and look in all the places I’d already looked. Just in case. Maybe she was under the bed or in the closet and didn’t want to answer me. Maybe she ate a bad bug and was feeling poorly. Maybe she’d been eating leftover carpet crap off the floor. Maybe she’d been poisoned. Who could drive us to the vet if we needed to go?

Finally I found her, laying in between boxes on the window shelf in the office, watching me go back and forth with an amused look on her face that clearly said, “human, you are so dumb.” If cats had eyebrows, hers would have been arched.

I’m glad she’s okay, but jeez…maybe tomorrow she could just walk on  my face like usual and spare me the anguish!




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