The Amazing Adventures of Josie and Seb

August 17, 2009

Quick round-up of awesome!

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Whoa boy, I’m behind in updating! Briefly:

I went up to Michigan for a week to lounge by the lake and visit with family, including the intrepid and portly Beagle-of-my-heart Rocky. It was a wonderful trip and I’m lucky enough to be going back up there over Labor Day weekend for more lounging…and also to introduce Joe to the Lake and a few members of my extended family.

My lake :)

My lake :)

Rocky waddles through the woods

Rocky waddles through the woods

I left Josie in the apartment in the care of a friend who lives around the corner (and who also has one of Josie’s kittens, so she understands a bit of the mindset…they are eerily similar). Josie was pretty ticked off at me for leaving her, but I expected that would be the case. I tried to reassure her as best I could. In turn, she reassured me that she missed me by walking all over my face while I slept. Thanks, kitten.

You're welcome, says Josie-cat

You're welcome, says Josie-cat

While I was up north I bought all kinds of sweet art for the apartment. Pretty excited to get the walls in a condition where we feel ready to start hanging up art. Soon, soon, soon!

Had a great morning up at the farm on Saturday. When I left the house I was feeling really grumpy and negative about going, but I cheered up fast when I got there. I spent almost the entire three hours I was working thinning out one of the carrot patches. There were just so many! When I was finally done it was time to pick and pack up, so I pulled beans and beets and left with my bags stuffed full of farm bounty. I’ll have pictures of everything I got soon, but trust me…it’s a lot.

School starts in two weeks (booo).

I have a week-long date with Thesis because I’ve been slacking (BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO).

OK, best for last: today, August 17, Joe and Seb are packing up the car (I imagine Joe will do most of the packing) and setting off in an eastern direction. Yes, that’s right, they’re on their way to us!! Joe is taking the long way, camping and exploring along the trip, and anticipates a Sunday arrival.

Yes, I am pretty much crapping myself with excitement. Less than a week, kids! LESS THAN A WEEK!!

Not enough kitty pictures in this post, I know!

Not enough kitty pictures in this post, I know!


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