The Amazing Adventures of Josie and Seb

August 20, 2009

Shots from the road!

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Like most other aspects of my life, I need to get used to sharing this blog with Joe’s adventures, rather than just filling it up with my own (small though they are lately). I try really hard to think about and refer to the apartment as “our apartment,” instead of just “my apartment.” Because it’s his as much as mine and soon his touch will be all over the place as much as mine is – maybe more, depending how in depth he gets with his projects. But the point is: it’s not all me, me, me all the time. Or it won’t be soon.

And can I tell you? I cannot fucking wait.

Joe is headed my way via some very scenic highways and he tortures me along the trip with occasional cell phone pictures. Here’s most of what I’ve received so far (all from Montana and Wyoming, I think):

And now the obligatory pictures of Josie, because after all she is the shining star in both our lives! (Seb too, but as a dog he’s more low-key about it.)

She is so cute!

She is so cute!

...but this face scares me a little.

...but this face scares me a little.

Sunday, people! Three days!!!


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