The Amazing Adventures of Josie and Seb

August 24, 2009

How sweet it is!

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Joe and Seb made it to Pittsburgh on Saturday…more than 24 hours earlier than expected because Joe went mad and pushed through to get here as fast as possible. He showed up haggard and exhausted but I think it was worth it. (I can say that because I wasn’t driving or even in the car.)

One of my favorite shots from the trip

One of my favorite shots from the trip

Needless to say, wonderful to have them around. Even though the apartment (our apartment!) is full of Joe’s stuff and Seb is hanging about with his big dog smile I haven’t really wrapped my head around the “living together” thing yet. It feels like another visit. Soon it will all sink in, I’m sure.



Saturday we had dinner at the Hofbrauhaus – good beer, good food, very raucous company. Sunday was a bit more low-key. We did real relationshippy things, like going to IKEA and Target and hefting Joe’s thousand-pound boxes up the stairs. And then I napped while Joe dismantled the office door. And then Joe made us dinner while I put together “the world’s smallest desk” for his computer.

It’s coming together, this cohabitation thing. It’s really coming together.

Complete with a cat in the window!

Complete with a cat in the window!


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