The Amazing Adventures of Josie and Seb

August 25, 2009

The Amazing Introduction of Josie and Seb

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I was so excited about Joe and Seb just being here that I forgot entirely to talk about the actual first time face-to-face meeting of our animals. In a word: uneventful.

Miss Josie saw the Big Yellow Dog coming and went into full-out defense mode: arched back, huge puffed tail, growly sneer. Seb looked in her direction and then totally ignored her. “Oh, there’s a cat here,” he seemed to say. “Whatever. Now about that snuggling…?”

Once Josie realized he wasn’t going to eat her, she settled down and went back to being her normal chatty, cuddly self. They’ve only been living together a few days, and she’s already taken to rubbing up against his face and sniffing him when he’s sitting still. Seb, a gentleman through and through, has once or twice snuffed in her direction but that’s it.

Actually, once or twice Josie has tried to make a speedy exit from a room only to find Seb and his long legs blocking her path. It’s sort of funny to watch her crash into him and Seb look baffled by this fluffy thing careening out of nowhere. Oh, animals. You do amuse!

Josie desperately wants to play with him. A few times now I’ve seen her deliberately rub on him and then go thundering away, only to stop and stare at him, wondering why he doesn’t chase her. She’s learning that living with a small-breed puppy and a large-breed adult are quite different, but I think she’ll end up preferring a dog that doesn’t grab her by the throat and drag her across the floor.

Last night as Joe and I sat on our couch, Josie curled up on my lap and Seb sat in front of us to get some lovin’. They touched noses in the most adorable display of inter-species affection (well, awareness anyway) I’ve ever seen. Of course I didn’t get a picture, but here’s proof that they do share space! It’s dark and hard to tell, but Josie and Seb are both in that picture, quite close and happy about it.


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