The Amazing Adventures of Josie and Seb

September 27, 2009

Our G-20 Weekend, in pictures

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This weekend, courtesy of the G-20 summit being held in Pittsburgh and the general hysteria surrounding the protesters’ arrival, I got two days off work and a blissful four day weekend. Here’s how we filled our time.

We snuggled.

We battled a nasty ear ache/infection.

We shared our toys.

We looked out the window.

We dropped an egg on the floor.

We made cookies.

We ate cookies.

We snuggled.

We made our boyfriend cook dinner.

We had pancakes for breakfast.

We went downtown to see what all the fuss was about.

We talked stir fry.

We snuggled.

We finished the second draft of our thesis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We Facebooked.

We gave in to temptation.


September 15, 2009

I love living with a foodie.

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Dinner: salmon with a honey-pecan crusty glaze; grilled scallop ceviche; seasoned sweet potato fries/spears; homemade honey mustard; fresh veggie salads with sundried tomato garlic dressing.

Why? ‘Cause it’s Tuesday.

It was inevitable…

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Since Joe and Josephine have starting spending their days together, a funny thing has happened. She’s started training him, hypnotizing him into rethinking his priorities. Like any human who believes he is in control, Joe will deny this, but Josie and I know it’s true.

Joe has a cat now. Or, more accurately, the cat has a Joe.

I’ve had my suspicions for a while already, having observed how Josie tries to lay on his face in bed instead of mine. She lays at my feet, the little vixen. Oh, sure, to the layperson it sounds like I’ve trained her, but I know what she’s planning.



That’s Josie in bed with my boyfriend, happily snuggled up in the spot I vacated. She creeps up from the bottom of the bed and plunks herself down next to him. “Neener, neener,” she might say, if cats used such language.

Let’s move on to Exhibit B, shall we?

I don’t actually have photographic evidence of this, but believe me when I say that the other night, as Joe and I watched something or another,  Seb came over to say hello and Josie swatted at him. “Bad doggie!” her balled up little paw clearly said. “My humans! Especially the bald one. He’s my special project.”

Sebastian gave her the canine equivalent of “bitch, please,” but the fact remains: she is moving in on his turf.

Finally, and most conclusively I dare say, Exhibit C.

As I downloaded the pictures from the Highland Games from my camera’s memory card, I found a few photos Joe had taken. Three or four of his bike (his love, his obsession, his baby) and almost a dozen of Miss Josie!* Not only that, but they are some of the most adorable shots I’ve ever seen of her.

I ask you: is a man not under the spell of a cat even capable of such things?


josie2I rest my case.

*I trust that you’ll provide your own “DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN” as appropriate here.

The holy land…!

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This past weekend was the annual Ligonier Highland Games – a Scottish cultural and athletic festival an hour or so outside the city. This year was the fourth time I’ve gone and it’s always a blast. Yummy food, feats of strength, music. Oh, and lots of men skipping about in kilts. Yummy yum YUM.

I had to control myself a bit this time around, considering Joe came along. Now, lucky me, dear Joe has these great legs that are just begging for a kilt and I think he’d look quite dashing. Alas, I didn’t manage to get him properly attired this year, but I have hope for his future…

Suffice to say after a crap morning filled with crap that threatened to send me into a hyper-emotional crap spiral, the metaphorical clouds parted and the Games filled my day with sunshine. We ate shepherd’s pies and pork sandwiches, watched the massed bands perform, cheered and gasped at the heavy athletics and took almost 700 pictures. A great day and I’m very happy to report that Joe’s introduction to the Highland Games was positive and not marred by a hysterical meltdown on my part.

A smattering of photos. Props to my Papa for letting me borrow his long lens for such an extended period of time!

September 9, 2009

Lovely long weekend

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Sadly, Joe and I didn’t make it up to Torch Lake this weekend as we’d planned – rental car fell through. The whole situation is pretty ridiculous. After getting a run-around about whether or not there’d actually be a car for us, hundreds of dollars of extra fees and deposits were tacked on making the car unaffordable. We’re trying to be really responsible and live within our means and pay down our credit cards and that of course makes us bad candidates for car rentals. That’s how the industry works, I guess – fuck you coming and going.

Instead we decided to take our long weekend (I even took Tuesday off to make for an extra-long weekend) and enjoy the city, the apartment and each other. Well, kind of. We had our first fight on Friday. Not a fight, per se, but our first “I’m really mad at you right now” moment. It went something like this:

Joe: Hey, sucks about the lake.

Me: Yeah.

Joe: Let’s go grab some dinner.

Me: Sure.

Joe: Thai sound good? What about bar food?

Me: Whatever.

(hours pass…I sit like a sad lump on the couch)

Joe: So…no dinner?

Me: Whatever.

(Joe gives up and makes us a quick dinner at home)

(this is all internal/unspoken)

Joe: Give me an answer like a human being!

Me: Don’t feel like it!

Joe: Maybe you should just throw yourself a pity party, Debbie Downer.

Me: Maybe I will! And you’re not invited!

Joe: I wouldn’t come anyway!


Joe: FINE.

Eventually I got over myself and started acting like a human being again. Clearly I have to work on communicating my needs (a night to be miserable over not going north) so Joe doesn’t feel like I’m shutting down on him (which I was). It’s a process.

Saturday we hit up the local farmer’s market and got a BOUNTY of fresh veggies for an unbelievably low price. Looking forward to going back even earlier this weekend to get some local meats!

Then we went to the Home Despot to look at paint. I think we’ve got the living pretty much picked out and the kitchen too and the bedroom. We trotted home with supplies and primer, ready and excited to get the show on the road.

So we get back to the apartment. We prep. We change. We sand the paneling. We wash the paneling. Joe straps on his ventilator mask. We. Are. Ready!

Joe does some prep

Joe does some prep

The before shot - hideous wood paneling

The before shot - hideous wood paneling

And then we paint. And paint. And paint. For hours. Oh, I admit it, I got pretty whiny. I was ready to be done. Joe was all, “let’s just paint till we fall over exhausted and can’t lift our arms anymore!” and I was all, “I HATE PAINTING.” All told, we painted for six or seven hours before calling it a day. The walls were successfully primered, but I can’t believe it took so long. That’s the smallest room in the apartment!

Primed wall with test patch

Primed wall with test patch

Two more walls with test patches

Two more walls with test patches

Our poor painty floor

Our poor painty floor

Joe cleans brushes

Joe cleans brushes

The color isn’t showing up great in those pictures, but it’s a lovely deep red-burgundy-garnet color. Afterwards we went out and got some food in our tummies.

All that work exhausted Miss Josie

All that work exhausted Miss Josie

Seb tried to help, but just got a painty face for his trouble.

Seb tried to help, but just got a painty face for his trouble.

Sunday I declared a Lay Around All Day day, so we did. And it was good.

Monday we ran errands, including laundry, which makes me a happy camper. Also, good news: now we own a vacuum! No motivation to continue painting.



Tuesday we did some more lazing about (good stuff). Then Joe made a fantastic salsa and I made cake. A chocolate zucchini cake, to be exact. With Hershey’s cocoa icing. What else?

Hello, delicious...

Hello, delicious...



All told, a great weekend. Bit of a rocky start, but that happens and we both got over it pretty fast. And now I only have three days in my work week until I get another weekend…a Highland Games weekend at that!

September 2, 2009

The usual song and dance…

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Joe and I had a fantastic date night last night on the South Side – homemade pierogies at the farmer’s market, burgers and beer at Fat Head’s, an intimate little concert with three new (to me) bands. We saw the Emily Rodgers Band/Group/Company (she called them something different every time), which we’d been meaning to do for a while. Emily and I go to school together so I was happy to go and support her non-writing art (though I guess songwriting counts as writing, doesn’t it?). They were joined by Vandaveer from D.C. and local powerhouse Paul Luc.

I talk like I know something about these bands, but I don’t.  Joe knows the guys from Paul Luc and likes their music, but I never heard of them or anything by them. Vandaveer was really interesting – just a guy singing with an acoustic guitar and his sister (I think?) doing back-up vocals. All the percussion was him stomping on the stage. I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed all of it – the company most of all…

This weekend we’re headed up to Torch Lake for some R&R and also to introduce people I love to one another. And to introduce Joe to my lake. I’m confident he’ll love it and I know Sebastian will, too (poor miss Josie has to sit this one out). I’m also hoping to up the ante on my tan…

Speaking of Josephine, here’s a couple frames of the gang. Joe went down to Maryland last weekend, so I had plenty of time to annoy the animals with my camera. Josie won’t sit next to Seb long enough for me to get a picture of both of them, but I’m sure that day will come.

Josie sticking her claws into me (thanks)

Josie sticking her claws into me (thanks)

kitty in the window, watching the world

kitty in the window, watching the world

Seb is not one to let his snuggling be interrupting by a lens

Seb is not one to let his snuggling be interrupted by a lens

September 1, 2009

A good day, indeed.

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Today in random but important Gmail chats…

Tim:  the day is here!
me:  the day?!

Tim:  the day of the year upon which the pumpkin spice latte returns!
me:  THE DAY!

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