The Amazing Adventures of Josie and Seb

September 2, 2009

The usual song and dance…

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Joe and I had a fantastic date night last night on the South Side – homemade pierogies at the farmer’s market, burgers and beer at Fat Head’s, an intimate little concert with three new (to me) bands. We saw the Emily Rodgers Band/Group/Company (she called them something different every time), which we’d been meaning to do for a while. Emily and I go to school together so I was happy to go and support her non-writing art (though I guess songwriting counts as writing, doesn’t it?). They were joined by Vandaveer from D.C. and local powerhouse Paul Luc.

I talk like I know something about these bands, but I don’t.  Joe knows the guys from Paul Luc and likes their music, but I never heard of them or anything by them. Vandaveer was really interesting – just a guy singing with an acoustic guitar and his sister (I think?) doing back-up vocals. All the percussion was him stomping on the stage. I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed all of it – the company most of all…

This weekend we’re headed up to Torch Lake for some R&R and also to introduce people I love to one another. And to introduce Joe to my lake. I’m confident he’ll love it and I know Sebastian will, too (poor miss Josie has to sit this one out). I’m also hoping to up the ante on my tan…

Speaking of Josephine, here’s a couple frames of the gang. Joe went down to Maryland last weekend, so I had plenty of time to annoy the animals with my camera. Josie won’t sit next to Seb long enough for me to get a picture of both of them, but I’m sure that day will come.

Josie sticking her claws into me (thanks)

Josie sticking her claws into me (thanks)

kitty in the window, watching the world

kitty in the window, watching the world

Seb is not one to let his snuggling be interrupting by a lens

Seb is not one to let his snuggling be interrupted by a lens


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