The Amazing Adventures of Josie and Seb

September 15, 2009

It was inevitable…

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Since Joe and Josephine have starting spending their days together, a funny thing has happened. She’s started training him, hypnotizing him into rethinking his priorities. Like any human who believes he is in control, Joe will deny this, but Josie and I know it’s true.

Joe has a cat now. Or, more accurately, the cat has a Joe.

I’ve had my suspicions for a while already, having observed how Josie tries to lay on his face in bed instead of mine. She lays at my feet, the little vixen. Oh, sure, to the layperson it sounds like I’ve trained her, but I know what she’s planning.



That’s Josie in bed with my boyfriend, happily snuggled up in the spot I vacated. She creeps up from the bottom of the bed and plunks herself down next to him. “Neener, neener,” she might say, if cats used such language.

Let’s move on to Exhibit B, shall we?

I don’t actually have photographic evidence of this, but believe me when I say that the other night, as Joe and I watched something or another,  Seb came over to say hello and Josie swatted at him. “Bad doggie!” her balled up little paw clearly said. “My humans! Especially the bald one. He’s my special project.”

Sebastian gave her the canine equivalent of “bitch, please,” but the fact remains: she is moving in on his turf.

Finally, and most conclusively I dare say, Exhibit C.

As I downloaded the pictures from the Highland Games from my camera’s memory card, I found a few photos Joe had taken. Three or four of his bike (his love, his obsession, his baby) and almost a dozen of Miss Josie!* Not only that, but they are some of the most adorable shots I’ve ever seen of her.

I ask you: is a man not under the spell of a cat even capable of such things?


josie2I rest my case.

*I trust that you’ll provide your own “DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN” as appropriate here.


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