The Amazing Adventures of Josie and Seb

September 15, 2009

The holy land…!

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This past weekend was the annual Ligonier Highland Games – a Scottish cultural and athletic festival an hour or so outside the city. This year was the fourth time I’ve gone and it’s always a blast. Yummy food, feats of strength, music. Oh, and lots of men skipping about in kilts. Yummy yum YUM.

I had to control myself a bit this time around, considering Joe came along. Now, lucky me, dear Joe has these great legs that are just begging for a kilt and I think he’d look quite dashing. Alas, I didn’t manage to get him properly attired this year, but I have hope for his future…

Suffice to say after a crap morning filled with crap that threatened to send me into a hyper-emotional crap spiral, the metaphorical clouds parted and the Games filled my day with sunshine. We ate shepherd’s pies and pork sandwiches, watched the massed bands perform, cheered and gasped at the heavy athletics and took almost 700 pictures. A great day and I’m very happy to report that Joe’s introduction to the Highland Games was positive and not marred by a hysterical meltdown on my part.

A smattering of photos. Props to my Papa for letting me borrow his long lens for such an extended period of time!


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