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October 4, 2009

Weekend catch-up

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We had a pretty productive, wonderful, busy weekend. PSO on Friday night for Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, which was a wonderful performance, as expected. I made Joe get up early, early on Saturday to go to the Farmer’s Market (actually, he bounded out of bed at the first alarm and I was the lingerer wanting those 10 extra minutes). As usual, we got a good bounty, including some farm fresh chicken breasts and bacon. Yum.

Then borrowed a friend’s car and headed for Construction Junction, which is a wonderland of construction supply. We picked up 3 big carpets (ugly pattern, but it will be nice to have something on the floor!) and somehow managed to fit all three into my friend’s little Corolla. Joe had to fold himself into a tiny Joe-square to fit in the car with the carpets, but…you know, the point is we got everything home. And Joe. In one trip.

Joe unloads a carpet.

Joe unloads a carpet.

We unloaded and set out for Pamela’s, a Pittsburgh pancake staple that (SHOCK AND AWE) Joe had never been to. We went to the one in my old neighborhood and waited in line for a bit and then got some pancakes and eggs. As we pulled into the parking garage and I reached for my debit card to pay the $2, I realized I’d left it at home. Felt pretty silly, but Joe said no problem. I think Joe was underwhelmed by his breakfast, but mine was delish.

Off to the Waterfront. I wanted to zip home and grab my card, but again Joe said no problem, so I didn’t bother. We saw Capitalism: A Love Story and, honestly, I cried through a lot of it. I left feeling so sad and small. But finding a cute dress for $7 on clearance cheered me a bit. (The Capitalism Monster cackles, Spend money! Buy STUFF! Collect THINGS! Ignore that niggling little feeling…BWAHAHAAA.)

Anyway. Since I didn’t have my debit card on me, I figured I’d write a check for my purchases. With the exception of our rent and some utility bills, I don’t write checks for ANYTHING. Surprised I remembered how. But with today’s technology, checks are almost obsolete and trying to use them nowadays is harder than I expected. What should have been a 30-second debit card transaction turned into half an hour of madness – the check printer not working, having to call it in, needing ID, realizing I didn’t have my licence on me, begging them to take student ID, agreeing, check printer still buggy. It was a mess.

On the way home, I realized my card is expired anyway, so even if I hadn’t left it at home, I still would have been up poop creek.

We made up for it by taking a nap.

That night we went to see some local bands play at Brillobox, which I’m becoming more and more fond of. Also, I discovered the joys of hard cider. Good night.

Sunday we slept late, Joe made breakfast (mmm bacon) and we contemplated heading up to the Laurel Highlands. We ended up going to the grocery store instead. Mistake. It was packed and chaotic. And they wouldn’t let me write a check. What a world we live in…

That night I cooked dinner: meatloaf and mac’n’cheese and an apple crisp, made with fresh jonagold apples from the market. I paired it with a lovely concord wine that I picked up at the Ren Fest. The mac left something to be desired, but the meatloaf meatlog was (and is) yummy. Too much crisp on the apple crisp, but the apples underneath are divine. If I do say so myself.

You can almost see my glass of local wine in the background!

You can almost see my glass of local wine in the background! crisp.... crisp....

I usually demand a laid-back, lazy weekend to make up for five days of going to work, but we kept pretty busy and I didn’t mind it too much. I wouldn’t want to do it all the time, though… ;)


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