The Amazing Adventures of Josie and Seb

November 18, 2009

Whirlwinds and tumbleweeds

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Been on the busy side lately, finishing up my MASTER’S THESIS. No big deal. But now it’s in my readers’ hands and off my mind (sort of) until December 1, when I have to defend my baby against the ravaging hoardes. Totally no big deal. Walk in the park. Not a bit stressed. No sir. Not this gal.


On Saturday Joe and I did a whirlwind tour of the Robinson shopping complex, hitting up the stores for necessaries. It sucked. I hate doing it like that. The problem with not having a car is when you finally get your hands on a car for any length of time you have to do everything RIGHT AWAY. So we exhausted ourselves and spent a bunch of money, but also had a decent enough time.

The other problem, of course, is having to drive in Pittsburgh. It makes me crazy how slow everyone drives through the tunnels. Suck it up, people! Not that scary!

21 MPH?! On the highway?! Because of a TUNNEL?! You morons.

Then my dear Joe made shepherd’s pie for dinner, which everyone knows cures every ill and restores even the most tired of spirits. I’m still (very happily) eating the leftovers at least once a day. Mmmm, shepherd’s pie…

Now, barring any more errand days, we’re in kind of a slow patch. No complaints from me. I like it quiet. Josie does, too. Of course she makes as much noise than any of the restof us, so I can only assume that she prefers the quiet because it allows her to be better showcased.

Don't get smart. I've got my claws in your man.

Well, joke’s on her – next week three of us are going to New Jersey for Thanksgiving and one is staying home. Guess who?

Sorry, Joe. Looks like you have to tough it out here in Pittsburgh.

I am very excited about Thanksgiving. It’s my very favorite holiday. Plus I haven’t seen my family in a long time. And I don’t think I’ve been home since…last Christmas?! Not that I miss NJ, but…you know. Tis the season to be homesick.

I wish I could sit on Joe's shoulder. Dumb cat.


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