The Amazing Adventures of Josie and Seb

November 30, 2009

Turkey Day Weekend

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My favorite holiday of the year, without reservation, is Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite meal (turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, mashed potatoes, pie, mashed potatoes, gravy, mashed potatoes, more pie, mashed potatoes…) and it gives me the chance to get the heck out of Dodge and see my family. We have this tradition that involves a few different families all gathering together to eat and celebrate and I really look forward to it.

This year was also the first year I could drag Joe along to meet everyone (he’d never even met my brother or family dog!) and celebrate, too. (Spoiler alert: everybody loved him.)

We interrupt this post for an obligatory Beagle close-up

So we drove and drove and drove and then we walked in the woods (Seb got very dirty and was out of his mind happy) then we ate and ate and ate. And on Friday I shuttled Joe about the area where I grew up and showed him my homeland. It was funny to share that with him. I think I have a new appreciation for the place after seeing it through his eyes. Very interesting, indeed.

Joe’s Intro to New Jersey of course included a few staples, including a tour of diners. A small tour, but still…

Joe's first pork roll

I also took him to Dilly’s Corner on the other side of the river and we got ice cream. I had to write a check because we didn’t have enough cash between us to cover the price of two cones. Oh, 2009.

We drove around pretty much all day, which turned into a sort of tour of my life working at various stables around the state, and then went to my parents’ house and had Thanksgiving 2. Love it.

Saturday Dad and Joe and I went up to Ralph Stover to hike around and enjoy the sunshine.

Somebody before us had a problem with hippies...

...kind of a big problem.

My two favorite dudes.

Did a little bird-watching...

...and a little squirrel-stalking.

I was so involved in following the silly squirrel around, that Dad and Joe wandered far far far ahead of me, so far I couldn’t see them anymore. I thought I’d been abandoned. I hugged a tree for a bit and eventually, thank goodness, they did come back for me.

Saturday evening the tour of diners continued. We were joined by my friend Brian and his ENORMOUS truck, which he very graciously drove us around in. I love driving in the truck.

The truck is full of horsey props - bonus!

We ended up at another diner, further north. It’s called the Omega Diner, but I think they’re doing some kind of rebranding to make the diner more attractive to younger patrons.


On the way back home, Joe wanted to visit an enormous solar array he’d seen during our whirlwind tour. I can’t ever say no to those dimples.


Like I said, it's big!

All in all, a very nice trip east, but of course it’s always nice to come home, too.


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