The Amazing Adventures of Josie and Seb

December 19, 2009

Snow day!

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There is nothing like the first snowfall. It’s been a pretty sad fall here in Pittsburgh – not very cold, not much snow to speak of. A couple flakes fell last week when Joe and I went out to run errands, but nothing stuck. BOOOOOR-ing.

At work yesterday I kept hearing about some big storm that was supposedly headed our way and how we might get six inches by Sunday and blah blah blah, lies lies lies. This may be an exaggeration born out of jealousy, but I feel like every time snow is promised we get NADA and the other side of the state gets buried. And it’s not fair. Stupid weather.

So imagine my shock when I got up to use the bathroom this morning and noticed on my way back to bed that the tree outside our office was covered in snow. I looked out the other windows – snow! The front yard! The back yard! The street! Everything, everywhere, not just dusted but coated with snow.

I bounded in to tell Joe – he already knew, but I’m sure he appreciated being woken up to hear all about it – and later when I woke up for real I demanded we go out and play.

Sebastian was on board from minute 1. Joe seemed to be dragging his feet.

Isn't he ready YET?!

I paced the apartment, waiting and waiting and waiting.

SNOW!!!! Also pictured: Josie's new dishes!

Josie seemed pretty unfazed.

Don't let the door hit you on your way out.

Finally Joe was suited up. Always pragmatic, he decided to take out the trash, too.

Taking out the trash is AWESOME!

Seb did a lap around the yard, to make sure it was the same one.

Hmm...seems suspicious...

Josie watched us from above, judgingly.

You're dumb.

We took a couple of obligatory silly pictures.


Then Joe kicked snow at me and I put some down his jacket.

We agreed that may have been a shit move.

But Sebastian kept the mood light.

You can kick snow at me!!!

Boy and dog posed for a portrait.

Click the button, lady, my butt's freezing off.

We took a stroll around the neighborhood, tromping through the snow, and finally made our way out of the weather and into the warm apartment.

I'm ready for cocoa!

I declare the first snow day of the season officially a success!


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