The Amazing Adventures of Josie and Seb

December 30, 2009

TuesDate Night

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(HA! See what I did there?)

Tuesday after Xmas, Joe and I took ourselves out in the Zipcar for a little date night. We started out with some grocery shopping (so romantic!) at the Waterworks. I’d never been there before and, I dunno why, I thought it would be really small and run-down, but it was…pretty normal.

After we stocked up on the necessaries, we headed down to the Church Brew Works and had some good beer and food and conversation. Joe let me vent about a lot of stuff and I let him try my pierogies. That’s love, folks.

Then we drove around for a while. In the very early days of our relationship, we used to drive around the city together, so even though on the surface it was just a car ride to Mount Washington it felt special.

I have a lot of good memories of these rivers and bridges.

As much as I talk about being ready to leave, I do love this city.

Or maybe it's just the company.

Afterwards, we took the long way through Mt Washington and the Hill District and Bloomfield and Squirrel Hill and every which way to Gullifty’s for some dessert. Joe had carrot cake and I had some kind of decadent chocolate thing that turned into a sloppy soup before I could finish half of it.


And then home again, home again, to tuck my tired butt into bed. At least it’s only a two day work week to get through!


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