The Amazing Adventures of Josie and Seb

January 31, 2010

Tetris Anonymous

Filed under: a man a cat a love everlasting, neat! — Cate @ 8:23 pm

Friends, I have a problem. With no job to fill my days and weigh down my heart, I turned at first to happy things: snuggling with Josie, kissing Seb’s sweet face, watching Survivor with Joe (Russell was robbed!), baking chocolaty snacks. I also started playing Tetris, which at first was a very happy thing but has turned into a compulsion. An addiction, even.

I play Tetris on my phone constantly. I play Tetris on the computer while the phone charges. Even when I take a step away from both of them and try to read a book, I play mental Tetris in the line breaks. I even have a sore shoulder, which I’m attributing to being hunched over my phone/computer playing Tetris. It’s madness, I tell you!

(I have gotten extremely good at Tetris, though. Not to brag or anything but I am the Tetris Tzar, the Baroness of Blocks, a Spectacle of Spatial Manipulation…! Is there a pro Tetris league that I can get involved in, because I’d much rather do that than continue to search for a job. Jobs only get in the way of my training.)

I think that poor Joe is beginning to suspect my affair. I fear he will turn to Josie in his time of need (I’d like to see her play Tetris – HA!) and their already cozy relationship will become a wall of blocks, impenetrable even to a Master such as myself, and I will find myself alone, homeless, catless, boyfriendless, with only my Tetris for company…

...Too late.

Seriously, though: what a wicked awesome game!

Josie says, Get a job! I'm sick of lookin' at yer face.


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