The Amazing Adventures of Josie and Seb

February 12, 2010

In Which We Venture Into The Snow and Return With Goofy Glasses

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Yesterday Joe and I hooked up the dogsled and made the long journey into town to run some errands. OK, not really. (We only have 1 dog and he’s old…not much of a sled team. Sorry Seb. Just sayin’.) The buses are back on track and for the most part the city seems to have dug itself out, so we were able to get around just fine. (Unless you count all the unshoveled sidewalks. This neighborhood sucks at shoveling their sidewalks.)

First stop: lunch at Chili’s. Joe got a giftcard for Xmas, so we figured we’d use it. My meal came with the saddest ear of corn I’ve ever seen. But it’s Chili’s in February, so my expectations were pretty low to begin with. Joe had equally sad little tacos. Not a great meal, all told, but it was free. And it makes me look forward to corn season returning…YUM! I think Chili’s must be looking forward to it, too, because they were pushing the summer drinks.

Uh? It's February?

We went other places and eventually ended up at the party store. In typical Cate Makes Bad Decisions fashion, the first thing I did was try on a St Patty’s hat covered in green glitter. Within seconds of walking in the door, I was also covered in green glitter. Joe had a good laugh or six. Luckily there were plenty of other things to fool around with and pretty soon I forgot about the glitter.

There are simply not enough occasions in one's life for one to wear a jaunty sequined top hat and veil.

I wish I’d bought that silly hat. I would wear the heck out of that hat! Forever!

Joe had to stock on goofy costumes for his Awesome No-Girlfriend Party With Awesome People Who Aren’t My Girl Awesome Weekend (whatever). I think I made him try on most of the stock of goofy glasses. Just like old times in Rite-Aid!

Joe's got a good head for wigs, right?

He offered to let me buy the pink wig for him, but I didn’t. Damn! He would have worn the heck out of that wig!

On the way out, I spotted a little piece of my childhood and got all nostalgic and misty-eyed.

Luckily, I managed to leave without stuffing my pockets.

Then other stuff probably happened but I don’t remember anything noteworthy. So we got back on our dogsled the bus and went home to watch some Doctor Quinn Law & Order. The End.


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