The Amazing Adventures of Josie and Seb

February 13, 2010

Kinda like furry contraceptives…

Filed under: apartment, sadface — Cate @ 1:28 am

If my life was a sitcom episode, this weekend is this one where Daddy’s out of town and Mommy’s stuck at home trying not to strangle the children.

Seriously, if this is what having kids is like, I want no part. I imagine it is and so: NO PART.

Joe took off to have an awesome fun time weekend with all kinds of interesting people and I’m in Pittsburgh with the animals feeling not at all bitter about our situations. Someday soon there will be a blog post in which Joe whines about being forced to be the babysitter while I go off and have awesome fun time adventures! Just you wait!!!!!

Seb is feeling very insecure with Joe gone, so he sticks to me like a smell to a fart (or something). Josie’s…Josie. She’s always this way. It’s just normally she bounds from room to room and then goes to bother Joe, instead of me. I love her, but jeez…what a psycho.

Joe comes home on Sunday. It’s just me and Doctor Quinn and these two nut jobs till then.

I'll be right here, just in case you want me. For anything. And I mean that, absolutely anything at all. I'll be right here. Oh - did you move? No? I thought you did. That's OK. I'm right here. I'm just gonna stay right here.

I'm taking a VERY SHORT break from running around the house like a maniac to sit in the corner and express my EXTREME DISPLEASURE that you are here and Joe is not. THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT. YOU MADE DADDY LEAVE. I HATE YOU!


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