The Amazing Adventures of Josie and Seb

June 30, 2010

July? WHAT?!

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June has been a happy, sad, crazy month – and also a lazy month. These are the highlights:

1. I bought a car!

Isn’t she beautiful? She is, I know.

I got an awesome 1-week honeymoon in which she and I were blissfully happy and then the “check engine” light came on. For a non-car-person like me, “check engine” can only mean, “oh god oh god please do something before I EXPLODE!” Luckily, she didn’t explode. Also luckily, the problem is likely one that’s easily fixed. She has an appointment with the car doctor to find out.

Sort of figured I’d get a little more time to just enjoy being a car owner before I had to deal with all the yucky realities of being a car owner, but oh well. Such is life.


2. Little Pocket Rocket, hound of my heart, passed away.

He lived a long and happy life, consumed more than his share of yummy food, and was snuggled and loved till the very end. I still cry when I think about it.

What a good dog.


3. My baby brother graduated from high school, which prompted our first real road trip with the new car, which turned into an even longer road trip because we decided to hit up Buffalo, NY as well. My enormously talented friend from grad school just published her first book, so Joe and Seb and I headed up to her hometown to celebrate her and see the sights.

Buffalo was a much cooler city than I expected, though we didn’t get to go as much as we wanted, given that we had the doggy with us. We did a lot of eating outside or in the car and spent half a day just driving around town, looking at cool buildings and exploring the harbor, etc etc.

Highlight of the trip for me was definitely getting to go out in the sailboat. Yes, we even brought Seb in the boat and he was a total champ. A little rickety on his feet when he got out, but hey…me too!


4. My first ridiculous sunburn of the season! Also, my first “driver’s” sunburn! Yes, I burned myself a lovely stripe down the length of my left arm and it’s settled now into a perfect summer tan. If only my entire arm – better yet, both arms – was tanned. But then, who I be without my ridiculous tan lines?


5.  My first full-body itchy bug bite of the season! Yes, it’s officially summer: the skeeters have found me…to be delicious. I am covered in itchy welts, head to toe. Awesome.

I also developed a weird rash on my neck/shoulder that at first looked like a sort of tentacle pattern. You know what that means, right? Obviously some kind of mutant jellyfish broke into our house and assaulted me in my sleep. Damn you, jellyfish!

Could be poison ivy…but I’m betting jellyfish.


6. I had a job interview today! For a job I really want! I’m trying to think positive but after being fired (which I’m still extremely bitter about) and almost six months of doors slamming in my face, my first reaction is not optimism. Still, cross some fingers for me, won’t you?

This could be the start of a whole new adventure…


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