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October 21, 2009

Pittsburgh Fall is AWOL – yippee!

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I distinctly remember my interpersonal comm professor¬† – back in 2003 (holy cow) when I first came to Pittsburgh as an 18-year-old college student – commenting on a grey rainy miserable day: “Welcome to Pittsburgh in the Fall. It will be like this for the next six to eight months.”

It’s not an exaggeration, or Pittsburghers being melodramatic. That’s what Fall means here. The sky is grey. The sun hides. The air is bitter cold. It rains. (And everyone complains.)

I don’t have anything against Pittsburgh Fall (except for when I have to be out in it waiting for the bus…yuck), but I was pretty excited to leave the office yesterday and find the sun shining, the grey clouds dissolving and a warm breezy day waiting for me. It even continued into today (gorgeous) and is expected to carry over to tomorrow (hooray). Friday’s gonna suck, but hey…we knew it wasn’t permanent.

In celebration, I decided to wear one of my new dresses. I’ve been on a dress frenzy lately. In the past month I’ve bought four (count ’em!) with little hope of getting to wear them until spring. But with this lovely break in the weather…

(What I should have done was wear two of them today, with a costume change halfway through the day, and the other two tomorrow. Damn! Why do these brilliant ideas never hit me first thing in the morning?)

I wore my newest dress, Alex in purple by b&lu (I can’t find it on their site anymore…oooh, exclusive).

That...but purple.

That...but purple.

Apparently at work I’m pretty schlumpy and drab because suddenly today all my coworkers are falling all over themselves telling me how adorable I am. As if I didn’t know!

Hopefully they didn’t use up all their compliments today because I’m got another dress in store for tomorrow. Turns out, this dress-up stuff is pretty fun…


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