The Amazing Adventures of Josie and Seb

August 20, 2009

Shots from the road!

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Like most other aspects of my life, I need to get used to sharing this blog with Joe’s adventures, rather than just filling it up with my own (small though they are lately). I try really hard to think about and refer to the apartment as “our apartment,” instead of just “my apartment.” Because it’s his as much as mine and soon his touch will be all over the place as much as mine is – maybe more, depending how in depth he gets with his projects. But the point is: it’s not all me, me, me all the time. Or it won’t be soon.

And can I tell you? I cannot fucking wait.

Joe is headed my way via some very scenic highways and he tortures me along the trip with occasional cell phone pictures. Here’s most of what I’ve received so far (all from Montana and Wyoming, I think):

And now the obligatory pictures of Josie, because after all she is the shining star in both our lives! (Seb too, but as a dog he’s more low-key about it.)

She is so cute!

She is so cute!

...but this face scares me a little.

...but this face scares me a little.

Sunday, people! Three days!!!


August 17, 2009

Quick round-up of awesome!

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Whoa boy, I’m behind in updating! Briefly:

I went up to Michigan for a week to lounge by the lake and visit with family, including the intrepid and portly Beagle-of-my-heart Rocky. It was a wonderful trip and I’m lucky enough to be going back up there over Labor Day weekend for more lounging…and also to introduce Joe to the Lake and a few members of my extended family.

My lake :)

My lake :)

Rocky waddles through the woods

Rocky waddles through the woods

I left Josie in the apartment in the care of a friend who lives around the corner (and who also has one of Josie’s kittens, so she understands a bit of the mindset…they are eerily similar). Josie was pretty ticked off at me for leaving her, but I expected that would be the case. I tried to reassure her as best I could. In turn, she reassured me that she missed me by walking all over my face while I slept. Thanks, kitten.

You're welcome, says Josie-cat

You're welcome, says Josie-cat

While I was up north I bought all kinds of sweet art for the apartment. Pretty excited to get the walls in a condition where we feel ready to start hanging up art. Soon, soon, soon!

Had a great morning up at the farm on Saturday. When I left the house I was feeling really grumpy and negative about going, but I cheered up fast when I got there. I spent almost the entire three hours I was working thinning out one of the carrot patches. There were just so many! When I was finally done it was time to pick and pack up, so I pulled beans and beets and left with my bags stuffed full of farm bounty. I’ll have pictures of everything I got soon, but trust me…it’s a lot.

School starts in two weeks (booo).

I have a week-long date with Thesis because I’ve been slacking (BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO).

OK, best for last: today, August 17, Joe and Seb are packing up the car (I imagine Joe will do most of the packing) and setting off in an eastern direction. Yes, that’s right, they’re on their way to us!! Joe is taking the long way, camping and exploring along the trip, and anticipates a Sunday arrival.

Yes, I am pretty much crapping myself with excitement. Less than a week, kids! LESS THAN A WEEK!!

Not enough kitty pictures in this post, I know!

Not enough kitty pictures in this post, I know!

July 28, 2009

We’re moved!

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The move on Saturday went pretty well – my wonderful dad came out to help. Funny how everything moves faster and more smoothly when there’s a dad helping out. :) It took us three trips with the van, hours of sweating, up and down and up and down the stairs, a few crushed fingers and toes, but we did it.

Josie had a rough day, though. She snuck out of the house while we were moving and I had to shut her in the basement until I had time to give her a bath. Last time she screamed and screamed but didn’t really fight – this time…oh gosh. I was a bloody mess when she was finished with me. My arms are covered in scratches and one very impressive bruise. I’m not sure how she managed to bruise me with her claws, but I tip my hat to her. Luckily for me, she forgave me pretty fast and we spent most of the post-move Saturday snuggled up together, relaxing.

lovvvvvve meeeeeeee

lovvvvvve meeeeeeee

Saturday night I brought her to the apartment and she was pretty freaked out. She didn’t want to come out of the kitty carrier for a while and when she did, she pretty much just found things to hide behind.

Sunday she was still acting funny. A bit more relaxed, more like her usual exploratory self, but she kept making this weird grumbly-growly noise. I’ve never heard her do that before. She would growl and then she would hiss. Haunted apartment? Maybe. There was also some kind of concert going on down the road, so maybe all that noise was freaking her out.

Sunday I spent most of the day unpacking. I’ve got my bedroom, bathroom and kitchen squared away – pictures coming on those. The living room is slower, though I did arrange all my books and DVDs on the shelf and it looks great. The office still needs a bit of work, so I haven’t even started on that.

Josie is still extremely clingy and annoying – which I still hope is only temporary. She wakes me up every morning around 6, mraring her head off, demanding my attention. Follows me around, tries to trip me, demand demand demand. She’s also not eating as well as I would like. I hope as we settle in and she feels more confident in the new place she’ll calm down.



Of course, just as she’s calming down the boys will show up and disrupt her routine again. Poor kitty girl. Can’t catch a break.

In non-apartment news, I met up with some friends last night for happy hour and dinner and hanging out at the too-cool-for-school Harris Grill. A friend who moved away was back in town, so we all had a good time seeing her again. Our final bill was enormous and it took forever to split it up – but what do you expect? We’re writers, not mathematicians! (Nevermind that I work in finance…)



Nothing planned for today after work. Looking forward to going home, spending some time with miss Josephine, and relaxing in my new digs.

July 13, 2009

A Brief Update…

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So things continue to progress – or not really, depending how you look at it. It comes in waves, I suppose.

I’ve gotten a lot of packing done (most of the non-essentials are boxed up and ready to go), but there’s still plenty to do. We don’t have a move-in date yet which distresses me a bit. I had hoped to start the moving-in process this week or this weekend and have everything done by next week. I’m hoping a call to the landlord this afternoon will fix that. Fingers crossed.

Josie is doing her part to help me pack…and by that I mean she’s sabotaging me at every turn. I found a bunch of kitty toys tucked into a closet last week and took them up to my room to pack away. Well, Miss Josie found them. And no matter where I try to hide them, she finds them and drags them out and leaves them all around the house. And then the puppy gets them and chews them into nasty little faux-mouse carcasses. And then I have to throw them away.

The other day I sat her down to have a serious talk about this behavior. I said, “Josephine,” (very sternly, to communicate my frustration) “if you continue to leave your nice things out where Puppy can get them, you won’t have any nice things left.”

She sort of looked at me sideways, as if to say, “mrar…if you would pick them up faster, Puppy wouldn’t get to them.”

As usual, she’s right. If only I were better trained!

She continued, flopping onto her back, “Anyway, what do I care? Pet my belly.”

And I did. I suppose I’m not a totally hopeless case afterall.

July 1, 2009


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Well, we found an apartment – and what a relief to know that we have a place to live! After months of checking Craigslist obessively, making countless phone calls, canvassing the city with emails, begging all my friends for their landlord’s contact information, looking at scary and shitty and too-nice-for-us-to-afford apartments…we have a home!

Even better, it’s a cheap fixer-upper that we can play with as much as we want. We’re already planning to tear up carpets and paint and put down a new kitchen floor. An adventure in more ways than one!

So Joe, Josie, Seb and I will be moving to Highland Park in the next couple weeks. Well, Josie and I will be – Joe and Seb still have to get their butts back to Pittsburgh from the west coast. In time we will all be reunited, or introduced for the first time in Josie and Seb’s case.

But I’m not worried. Though Josie has suffered a bit living with my roommate’s Puggle puppy, in her previous home I’m told she liked the neighborhood dogs and wasn’t scared. Plus Seb, according to Joe, likes cats. And a mature Lab is a far cry from a young, mouthy Puggle. Plus my girl’s tough! She can take it!

Mostly I’m excited. Looking forward to the move and the new place and taking this Next Big Step…

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